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Choosing the right attorney:

You have been confronted with a legal problem which may have a significant impact on you, your family, and employer. Choosing the right attorney is critical and can be problematic if you have never encountered the situation before. Here are some important ideas to consider when choosing an attorney:

1.) Experience Matters: Is the attorney experienced in handling a legal situation similar to your own? Some attorneys can offer competent assistance outside their main area of practice. However, an experienced lawyer, intimately familiar with all aspects of the legal issues similar to yours will likely provide you with the best possible strategy for resolving your case.

2.) The Attorney's Fees: Legal representation can be expensive, especially if the litigation is complex and/ or time consuming. Attorneys typically utilize three different fee structures depending on the type of case: (A) Contingency fees are generally used in personal injury or malpractice cases. In this scenario, the attorney receives compensation only at the successful conclusion of the case. (B) Retainer fees are customary in criminal defense cases. This is a flat fee that adjusts upward at various stages of the criminal proceedings. (C) Hourly rates are usual in civic cases because they vary so widely in the amount of time required to resolve the matter. The attorney usually bills monthly and requires the client to be current on their obligations.

3.) Time: This issue is perhaps the most common source of frustration for all participants. Many clients are justifiably eager to resolve their issues as soon as possible. However, the legal system is seldom conducive to a speedy resolution. Be sure to discuss with the attorney how much time your individual situation will reasonably take to resolve. Understanding this important factor from the beginning can help alleviate anxiety.

4.) Comfort Level: After meeting with your prospective attorney, are you confident and comfortable with that person? Did they listen to your problem? Were they able to communicate an understanding of your goals and offer an opinion and strategy to reach your goals? Are you confident in that advice and does their fee seem reasonable?

Choosing the right attorney to help you navigate through your legal problem is, perhaps, the most important decision you will make throughout the entire process. Kee & Archer is experienced in several areas of law and will be happy to fight on your behalf against your legal issue. If we are unfamiliar with your issue, we will try to find you an attorney that is experienced.

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